Living Way Maui- Praise Report!

Last February, Pastor Greg Dela Cruz contacted us at Pray Hawaii to share that the building where his church, Living Way Maui, is housed was going into foreclosure. Immediately, the church began a capital campaign to raise the funds for a down payment to purchase the church building at the auction.  With help from the community, a “Rally in Da Valley,” and other churches, the church raised just over $50,000 in about a month.  By the time of the auction, the church could not secure financing, and a former business partner of the previous owner purchased the building.

The good news was that he would allow the church to stay in the building.  They began talks to purchase the building from the new owner. However, the church needed many improvements to secure a loan for the property. Eventually, the church got the financing together, made improvements on the building, and went into a purchase contract to BUY the building they might have lost. Please read below for the most recent update…

Living Way Maui

Pastor Greg Dela Cruz and the ‘Ohana at Living Way Maui are the new owners of their building as of March 10, 2015.  This is wonderful for the church because they were able to purchase the entire building plus the house where Pastor Greg and his family live.  Please join us in thanking God for this blessing one of His houses of worship.  Please pray for the church to continue to thrive and meet their monthly obligations.