Trucker Boy Update #56- Hospice and Matthew 18:19-20

On Saturday, Team Trucker- Trucker Dukes Supporters organized a day of prayer for Trucker’s healing. Shauna had shared that Trucker’s pain in his leg increased and that his back was still hurting. Today, they shared that not only is the pain still in his back and leg and worsening, but there are other spots where he was feeling pain.The Dukes have enrolled Trucker in hospice care to help ease the pain, but they are not giving up on a miracle for Trucker. Please join us in praying and believing for that miracle. God is our healer, He is our savior, and Jesus promised that if two will agree on a matter that you pray for it will be done for us by His Father in heaven Matthew 18:19-20. Please keep believing for Trucker’s healing and restoration. Trucker’s life has touched many, by his fight against cancer and the people who have come together to support him and the family and to lift him up in prayer. If you feel led please click the photo to donate to the Dukes’ travel and medical expenses at teamtrucker.orgtrucker-56


Thank you everyone with all our hearts for the continued love, prayers and support!! We will forever be grateful!!#teamtruckerrocks
Everyone or most of you know by now that Truckers leg and back started bothering him again in Whistler and have gotten terribly worse!!💔💔💔 #cancersucks He has been in a lot of pain and is not walking again on the same leg we just radiated, but now also is complaining of other spots!! At first we were going to rush to Oahu for scans but why? With this level of pain we already know what they will say and we are done chemo and radiating(which wasn’t working anyway)!!! Soooo we have officially enrolled him in hospice to help with the pain which was hard on one hand but please know that doesn’t mean we giving up!! My plan is to get kicked off cuz he’s doing so good!!! #neverstopbelieving #neverstoppraying #miraclehappeneveryday💫
We are still consulting with integrative medicine doctors, treating him at home, enjoying all the sweet moments we have together, and trusting God for the timing of his life!! #donttakelifeforgranted #gokissyourlovedones knowing that one way or the other he will be miraculously healed, either here on earth or as he steps into eternity with a good God who loves him and us more than we could ever understand!! Trust me I’ve had some pretty real moments with God lately and yet He still shows up, and I still trust Him and His plan even if it doesn’t make sense or hurts like hell at times!! This little boy in his short little life has captured the hearts of thousands and united us!! He has been through more treatment than most of us will ever go through, done more amazing things than most of us have, and been loved by more than I can possibly imagine!! Whatever happens he will never ever be able to say he never felt loved!! #LOVEbeatscancer #onedayatatime #luckiestmammaever
Thank you for loving us well!!

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