Trucker Boy Update #54- Ups, pains, and downs

Since pursuing a natural course of treatment for Trucker’s fight against Nueroblastoma, the Dukes have been experiencing some ups and downs. In November Trucker received radiation for a hot spot on his leg. The treatment helped with the pain, but Trucker is still not walking much. In December, the Dukes got to experience their first Christmas together in a few years. In January, the family got to go to Whistler and experience “surfing” on the snow. During their time at Whistler, Trucker’s back began hurting. Please pray for Trucker’s leg and back to be healed and for him to be cancer free. Pray for the family as they continue treating Trucker, for wisdom, and for them to enjoy every moment together. If you feel led please click either photo below to donate to the Dukes’ travel and medical expenses at Please read the updates from Shauna and Joshua below the photos.



Update from Shauna (posted in early December)
“Radiation for sure helped with the pain, but he is still not really walking…so please keep the love and prayers coming his way!! Thank you with all my heart!!!”

Update from Shauna (posted in January after Whislter)
Whistler its been magical!! Thanks for the aloha, powder, LOVE and precious memories!! ❄ Riding fresh powder with our children yesterday,seeing them hit little jumps, go through trees, loving snowboarding, and then sitting in our outdoor hot tub as the sky pukes down snow is one of my all time favorite days ever!! 😍😍😍
Prayer warriors we need you though. Trucker boy has been complaining about his back now and its getting worse:( He hasn’t been sleeping at night and he has been pretty miserable!! Please pray this is something, anything other than cancer and that we would have wisdom on how to move forward!! Although he has been walking more since radiating his leg he is still limping and small kine complaining about it too!! Thanks for the love team trucker!! Oh how i wish we could quit cancer!!!💔💔💔#cancersucksassholes #teamtruckerrocks#collectingmemories #onedayatatime#luckiestmammaever #LOVEbeatscancer

Update from Joshua (Posted January 23)
So thankful for snuggles with this little man today!!!! Please keep Trucker in your prayers. It has been a tough few weeks of not much sleep and a lot of pain. Today Shauna and I talked about keeping an eternal perspective, that this life is but a vapor. This time we have here on earth is just preparation for what God has planned for eternity. So we choose as a family to honor God and #LoveEveryDay to #EnjoyEachOther to #ValueTheLittleThings and live #OneDayAtATime. If we can encourage anyone of you through this journey by helping you to love more and not take our time together for granted, then I know there is purpose for our struggles. We love you all #TeamTrucker God bless


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