Trucker Boy Update #53- Natural Treatments, Leg Pain Increases

After hearing that Trucker had new cancer activity in an area that was previously had cancer, Shauna and Joshua decided last month to stop treating Trucker at Sloan-Kettering in NYC and pursue a natural path of treatment at home on Maui.  Over the past month and a half they have attacking the cancer with vitamins and juicing. They had to resort to some fun methods of getting Trucker to drink the juice and take his vitamins. Yesterday, Shauna shared that the pain in his leg has gotten worse. They have decided to go to O’ahu to get the area radiation treatment for the hotspots in his leg.  They are not changing the direction of his current treatments, but as Shauna puts in below, it’s like putting a Band-Aid on bleeding wound. Please pray for Trucker to be cancer free, for the radiation to be effective in treating his current symptoms, and for the family to feel encouraged during this trying time.  If you feel led please click the photo to donate to the Dukes’ travel and medical expenses at



We are soooo grateful for all the support from everyone!!!! #teamtruckerrocks Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️I love the decision we have made and love being home with my other babies and my handsome man but it has been for sure a challenging transition!! Its a very rigorous schedule of juicing, and supplements, liver detox’s, consulting nutritional therapists, seeing chiropractors and naturalpaths and cooking everything organic all from scratch.. its also not an overnight fix, we have a lot of detoxing and rebuilding of his immune system..its a lifelong change!!! In saying that slowly since we got home last time Trucker boys leg has gotten worse and now hes actually in a lot of pain💔💔💔and not really walking on it at all or sleeping well at night!! #cancersucksbuttholes So after a lot of prayer we have decided to do low dose radiation to his hot spots on his leg on oahu next week!! Its not my favorite but honestly at this point i don’t think it will take away from the big picture of what we are doing. Its like putting a bandaid on a bleeding wound!!! Please remember us in your prayers again this week that we would have continued peace and also that we would have the energy that we need to care for our hurting baby and our other kiddos too!! Please also count your blessings as you read this post, kiss your babies and be soooo grateful that you dont have the weight of the decisions we have to make for our #littlelegend!! #wishicouldquitbeingacancermamma #tiredalready #onedayatatime #gratefulfortoday #LOVEbeatscancer

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