Trucker Boy Update #52- No new growth, but…

After the scan for new growth, Shauna shared that scans indicate cancer activity where Trucker already had cancer previously.  The medical staff wants to start radiation next week, when Shauna and Trucker were supposed to return home, but Mamma and Dad are not sure if that’s the best course.  The treatments for cancer are toxic, and their long-term effects can be devastating. Please pray for Shauna and Joshua as they decide whether or not to start radiation next week.  Please pray for God to encourage their hearts, surround them with loving people, and give them peace as they move forward with what ever decision they may make. If you feel led please click the photo to donate to the Dukes’ travel and medical expenses at


Soooo the news wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either!! There are no new spots BUT two of the existing spots on his right femur are clearly darker indicating cancer activity.. #cancersucksass
They want to radiate next week.. So we have big decisions to make!!😫💔
we are going to pray about it this weekend and talk more about it but the more we say yes to treatment the more time we all spend apart and its hard on all of us!! There is a part of me that feels like the decisions in this world are not setting him up for survival with all the long term side effects!! They arent really even considered!!😫 So if we radiate these spots now and then in six months another spot gets bright and in another six months another spot gets bright.. When do we call uncle? All the treatments are soooo toxic!! Part of us wants to keep him home.. Get crazy with diet and supplements.. Enjoy the shit out of him and trust God for the timing of his life.. Not easy decisions!! #donttakelifeforgranted🙏 #dontstopbelieving
Please remember us in your prayers for wisdom as to how to move forward!!
#Godanswersprayers #LOVEbeatscancer

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