Trucker Boy #51- Torture Treatment and Tests

Please pray for Trucker and Shauna as they returned to NYC for Trucker to continue his immunotherapy. Please pray for the treatments to not be too hard on his body and join us in being thankful that his breathing did not stop during his first round of treatment this time. Please, also pray for the test tomorrow (September 29) to reveal that Trucker’s limp is not related to new cancer growth, and the rest of the test will reveal that Trucker is cancer free. Please, as always pray for his complete healing and for to be completely cancer free. Please read Shauna’s update from below the photo. Please consider donating to the Dukes financial needs due to travel and medical care if you are able (click the photo below to make donation at their new website


And day 1 done!!! Although hard on him he didn’t quit breathing this time which is always good!! He’s in my arms sleeping it off and recovering!! This is a pretty big treatment week.. Tomorrow he has brain and spine MRI.. Wednesday and Friday more hu3f8(torture treatment) and Thursday he has his mibg scan which is when we will know for sure if his leg pain and limp is new cancer:(:(:( then on Monday we have a cat scan and bone marrow draws before we fly home Tuesday!!!! Thank you for all the love and prayers and i know #Godanswersprayers cuz I freaked out for a week or so when he started limping and now have a peace about it!! #onedayatatime is all we have and today he is sleeping peacefully on me where he should be!! #teamtruckerrocks #LOVEbeatscancer

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