Baby Trucker #50- Trucker’s Limp

Shauna shared an update Thursday that Trucker has a painful limp in his right leg, and while it may not be related to cancer, it could be. Please pray for Trucker’s pain to subside and for it to not be related in anyway to cancer. Pray for the family as they prepare for Shauna and Trucker as the prepare to return to NYC in two weeks. Trucker will have scans to check the levels of his cancer, and please pray him to be cancer free. Please pray for the family’s peace as they wait for those scans. Please consider donating to the Dukes financial needs due to travel and medical care, and if you are able click the photo below to make donation at their new website



And here is our reality as a cancer family.. Every time he needs labs drawn its a port access which entails me holding him telling him he is so brave while he is screaming to not let them hurt him and has a needle poked in his chest!! 💔💔💔#iwishicouldquitbeingacancermamma
We need extra extra prayers right now.. The last couple of days we have noticed trucker boy limping and complaining of his right leg hurting.. This could be a ton of things not cancer related but it could also be cancer.. Nothing will ever be the same for us.. A fever, a little ache, the flu, him limping..anything that makes him feel bad always has the possibility of being cancer!! We are headed back to the big apple in two weeks and already have complete scans scheduled so in the meantime when you think of us please pray for peace in our hearts and that we could trust in Gods plan for our family!! #easiersaidthandone
The weight of the world feels a little heavier again all of a sudden As I mentally struggle with all the what ifs…and trusting Gods plan..#neverstoppraying #neverstopbeleiving #withouthopewehavenothing #morethan4 #GoGOLD #cancersucksass #LOVEbeatscancer

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