Baby Trucker #47- Praise Report! Scans Show No New Growth

In her last update, Shauna’s prayer request was that Trucker’s scans would not reveal new growth. She shared this morning that scans showed the cancer to be stable and not growing.  This is great news for Trucker, Shauna, and the rest of the family as they will be able to spend more time together.  Trucker will continue to receive immunotherapy, so please pray for the family as he recovers from his treatments.  Please continue to pray for the family to stay connected despite their times of separation. If you are able please click the photo below to donate to the Dukes travel and medical care fund. (Please read Shauna’s update below the photo)

Baby Trucker #47

Trucker update!! Over the last week we have done complete scans for trucker so we know what we are left with, And we got good news. The remaining cancer that he has which is all in his bones has been stable for a very long time which means he still has cancer yes.. And will still be treated with immunotherapy ,But for now we can take a deeper breath, are going to be able to spend more time together as a family on maui, and hopefully can start to heal from all the trauma of this last 20 months!! ‪#‎gratefulfortoday‬ ‪#‎Godanswersprayers‬
We have had a wonderful week playing together in NYC and it has made me reflect on how far we have come!! This picture was taken right in the beginning after he was diagnosed and had a biopsy surgery. His main tumor just blew up and was growing so fast our ‪#‎littlelegend‬ could barely move and was in so much pain!! 💔 we actually didn’t even know if he would make it to that Christmas!! I never want to forget how hard we have fought, how far we have come, or take for granted life!! ‪#‎onedayatatime‬ God only knows why some babies are allowed more time on this earth than others and so many kids have lost their battle way too soon and so many others are fighting hard just to live 💔‪#‎donttakelifeforgranted‬🙏
Words will never be able to express my gratitude for all the love, all the prayers, and all the support we have!! Thank you times a million trillion billion!!! Love really does beat cancer!! ‪#‎LOVEwell‬ ‪#‎neverstoppraying‬ ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer‬ ‪#‎lovemycrazycrue‬

One thought on “Baby Trucker #47- Praise Report! Scans Show No New Growth

  1. I am Maria Figueredo and live in CT USA. I have been praying for Trucker for over a year. This is great news. I will continue to pray to God for his complete healing. I heard of him throu a relative of the Bello family.

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