Mia Moskwa Update #6- Feeding started, seizures continuing #teammia #miraclemia

Yesterday, Maria gave this update regarding Mia’s Condition (see below).  Mia had tests to check her gall bladder, liver and pancreas and everything checked out well. Please pray for the seizures to stop and for the complete health and restoration of her brain, and pray for her family to get rest and remain strong for Mia as they have not left her side since the accident.

Mia Moskwa Update #4

Day 16 Mia update: Mia went to nuclear medicine for tests and her gall bladder, liver and pancreas all checked out good. They will begin tube feeding with a high dose of fish oils to help with inflammation and repair brain tissue. They want to give some meds to reduce fluids. Still looking at lung function. Need to get her lungs dry again so she can get off the ventilator. The main thing to pray for is for the seizures to stop and complete healing and restoration of the brain. We are still believing for a miracle for our Mia. She’s still on no stimulation so her brain can heal. We’ll update as soon as there’s more changes


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