Mia Moskwa Update #5- Ventilator Support down to 45%, Open her eyes twice

Mia’s mom, Maria, shared an update today (please read below the photo for the complete update).  Since our last update Mia has opened her eyes a couple of times and seems to be responding to neurological tests.  Please continue to pray for her and the family as they are in this fight day-by-day. Pray for Mia’s complete recovery, for brain activity to continue to be strong, and for her to breathe completely on her own.

Mia Moskwa Update #4

Day 12 Mia update: Mia had a busy day yesterday with another MRI and CT scan. The MRI looked worse but the Dr. compared it to a bruise that looks worse after injury. The CT scan showed the pancreas was in better shape than they thought. Her enzymes were 1600 initially and are down to 900. They still need to decrease so they can stomach feed her. The Dr. agreed with us to add high dosages of Omega 3 fish oils to her feeding to help with her inflammation and brain healing. The lung cultures showed no new organisms and they are holding off on antibiotics. She is on Tylenol for fever and pain. She is resting nicely. She is having a 24 hr EEG (brain wave activity test) which we will know the results tomorrow. Praying against any seizures. Yesterday she opened her eyes a lot and tracked where our voices were coming from. She also seemed to squeeze our hands. She did respond to pain 2 days ago when the neurologist did a neuro exam on her. She opened her eyes up so big and the Dr. was very surprised. Her arm and foot reflexes were in tact as well. Today she is down to 45% use of the ventilator from 100%! The Drs. said they are going day by day and I said so are we! She was agitated from all the stimulus yesterday so it was suggested to not have visitors so she can rest and heal and we are in agreement. You are more than welcome in the visiting area. Please continue praying as she has hurdles to overcome especially with her brain. God is good all the time! We believe in miracles! She is a fighter! ‪#‎1soldier‬ ‪#‎teamMia‬ ‪#‎daybyday‬‪#‎miracleMia‬

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