Mia Moskwa Update #4- Responsive to touch, struggling with breathing tubes

Saturday morning Maria shared how that it was one of the landmark days when dealing with brain injuries.  Last night, Liliana (Mia’s little sister) shared that Mia started gagging because of the ventilation tubes in her throat and she was responsive to touch.  Please continue to pray for Mia to regain consciousness and for her complete physical recovery. Please read the complete update below.

Mia Moskwa Update #4

I have never been more proud of someone than you Mia Moskwa. A few days ago I listened to the Drs. tell us that you have no cough or gag reflexes whatsoever (making it impossible for you to get off the ventilator) and that your need for oxygen from the vent was at 100% use. That your pupils were sluggish and unresponsive to light. Your neurological responses and reflexes were non existent.
Despite being fed the constant negative news, I never once lost hope in you. You are the absolute strongest woman I know. You’re such a fighter and are nowhere near done fighting your fight.
Today I stood by your bedside and wiped your mouth. As I did, you started gagging! I looked at Liko Gomme practically in tears and asked if she saw that. She said yes and ran and got the nurse! You gagged again for the nurse and then started hiccuping as they suctioned you! Never in my life have I been more excited to see someone gag! You looked like you were about to rip those tubes right out and open your eyes. Your use of the ventilator’s oxygen went from yesterday’s 80% to 50% (breathing on your own at 40%). They have you set at 12 breaths per minute but you’re taking 14-15. The nurse checked your eyes and your pupils are equal size, clear, brisk and responsive to light! The Dr. scratched a pencil on the bottom of your foot and your toes curled. You pressed your arm and hand against mine as they suctioned your airway (your absolute least favorite thing in the world) you started moving your toes, feet, shoulders and arms as if you were trying to tell us you want that suction and breathing tube out now. You were trying so hard to open your eyes all the way. Tear drops fell from your eyes and I could see how frustrated you were.
Mia, you blew minds today. You are changing lives. You are beating every single odd, statistic and science being held against you. You are absolutely amazing. You are such an inspiration. You are my hero Mia. I’m never leaving your side and I can’t wait to strut through this ICU with you, smiling at everyone who doubted you. To go around to the hopeless and give them hope from your story. Keep up your fight and let’s beat even more odds tomorrow Sissy. You’ve got an entire army fighting with you.

Romans 15:13 “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

I love you Mia.

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3 thoughts on “Mia Moskwa Update #4- Responsive to touch, struggling with breathing tubes

  1. Remain strong Miss Mia…we are not giving up on you ever!! Don’t rush….just keep taking little steps along your path. Remind the world that love does make a difference and that miracles do happen.

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