Mia Moskwa Update #3- Breathing on her own, evidence of global anoxia and pneumonia

Maria, Mia’s mom, provided an medical update today. The news from the doctors wasn’t good, but she if breathing over the breathing machine and all her vitals are all strong.  She suffered severe oxygen deprivation and appears to have pneumonia. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery and for the family as they walk through this very difficult time.

Mia Moskwa Update #1

Mia update: Yesterday was a roller coaster ride. We had a lot of negative news from the doctors and nurses. The MRI showed severe global anoxia from lack of oxygen to the brain (over 20 minutes) and her lungs showed pneumonia. Mia is not brain dead. Her brain stem is in tact and was not affected. She’s such a fighter. She’s breathing over the breathing machine and every other organ is strong and functioning great. Her vitals are really strong as well. She’s now off of sedation and they’re slowly weaning her off of her seizure meds.

Just as we were being attacked, God sends Chance and his dad here. Chance was surfing and had a seizure and was under water 15 minutes. His condition was much worse than Mia’s. He was brain dead and his lungs were full of salt water. They told his dad he would never walk or wake up. No pupil dilation or breathing over the respirator. Chance walked in here and is attending college at UHMC. Talk about inspiration. God is good all the time! We are never giving up and are praying for a full recovery for Mia . The atmosphere has changed in her room. We’ve been playing worship music Resound Jessica Meshell .

Thank you all for the prayers, love and support! Also a big thank you to all of her visitors and for the showering of food and gifts. We really appreciate everything. God has been putting the right people in our lives at the right time and the right word at the right time. Please refrain from posting or speaking anything negative as we are only speaking light, life and positivity into Mia! ‪#‎TEAMMIA‬ ‪#‎MIASTRONG


3 thoughts on “Mia Moskwa Update #3- Breathing on her own, evidence of global anoxia and pneumonia

  1. Maria, Ram and Family, I am praying for you all and our church group is too. It is encouraging to read your specific prayer requests, it makes me feel like I can be of some help. With love and continued thoughts,
    Barb (Peiss) Hopkins
    Gilbert, AZ

  2. Maria, Mia and Ohana, I am sending light all day long to you every day. Prayers are strong for you all. Keep playing music and singing for her, music to the heart is awesome. With love and Aloha,
    Club Hair

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