Mia Moskwa Update #1- Found unconscious, having seizures

Over the weekend, the adult daughter of our friends, Ram and Maria Moskwa, Mia Moskwa was pulled unresponsive from a pool. Ram is one of the leaders of the Maui Men’s Ministry of God, and almost single-handedly organizes a free Men’s retreat every summer. Mia is their oldest daughter. Please pray for Mia to stop having seizures and for her brain cells to work together and in perfect order and function.  (Please click on the photo to see the initial report from MauiWatch and read today’s update from Mia’s mom, Maria, below the photo)

Mia Moskwa Update #1

A little update on Mia so far today… They stopped the hypothermia therapy and she has now reached her target body temp! The seizures have decreased some but we need them to go away completely. Her brain cells are firing randomly and we need them to fire together. We are praying and declaring for her brain cells to work together in perfect function and order free of damage on earth as it is in Heaven. When she was admitted her pupils were a 4 and today they’re at 2 (normal) and are reacting to light. Your prayers are welcomed and appreciated more than you know. All praise and glory goes to God! ‪#‎teammia

13 thoughts on “Mia Moskwa Update #1- Found unconscious, having seizures

  1. Praying for you Mia , our Aloha sister , we are all here praying for you and your loved ones 🌺🌴❤️

  2. Maria and Ram, I just stumbled on your facebook posts about Mia. Having been in your home over the years, I know what a truly beautiful, close family you are, and I really wanted to tell you how sorry I am to hear about Mia. I hope and pray that your family is finding peace and cherishing all your beautiful memories. Sincerely, Rose (your bookkeeper)

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