Updated: Baby Trucker #43- Trucker Home, Brain Surgery scheduled

Please pray the Shauna and Trucker as they will return to NYC next week.  Trucker still has a cyst on his port for receiving his current cancer protocol treatment, he will have surgery to remove the current port on April 13th.  Please pray for the cyst to dissipate and for the surgery to not even be necessary.  Pray for the family as they enjoy the rest of their this time together before Shauna and Trucker return to NYC. Please read Shauna’s update below the photo. Please consider giving to Dukes’ financial needs and click the photo if you feel led to give.

Trucker #43

Okay everyone Disney was blast but now back to our harsh reality!!!#takemebackmakeawishhawaii #cancersucksass Being that before they did immunotherapy to the cerebral spinal fluid no kids survived a brain relapse, and we now have his liver enzymes under control #thankyourestore #naturalstuffworkstoo we have decided to try and do at least one round of 8h9 which means brain surgery to remove the bunk port and replace with new one on the other side of his little head:(:(:( surgery is scheduled for April 13th which means we head back to NYC next week already probably for a month!!😔😔😔 Please remember our other children in your prayers as this is sooo taxing on them as well!! #ihateleavingthem #getshardereverytine Also lets pray when they do the MRI right before surgery that the cyst is gone #miracleshappen #Godanswersprayers Until then we will not be taking “normal life” for granted and will be enjoying all our time together!!! #onedayatatime #littlelegend #LOVEbeatscancer #teamtrucker #truckertough
As always thank you for your love!!



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