Updated: Baby Trucker #41- Trucker returned to NYC; Treatment to resume

Praising God that Trucker was able to return to Sloan Kettering and resume treatment. His liver tests revealed no scar tissue, and he was cleared to return to NYC. Please pray for Trucker to be healed from cancer and for the next treatments to be effective in Trucker’s fight against it. Pray for the family as they will reunite in California for a Make-a-Wish trip to Disneyland. Please pray for continued emotional, spiritual, and financial support as the family fights cancer. Please read Shauna’s and Joshua’s updates below the photo.  (please click the photo if you wish to donate to their medical and travel expenses).

Trucker #41

I know we are all hoping and praying and we wont stop doing so for a big miracle for our ‪#‎littlelegend‬ Trucker boy ‪#‎Godanswersprayers‬ what if our miracle is all the people that God has connected through this journey!!💥💥💥‪#‎smallmiracleshappeneveryday‬
Many strangers have become our friends and many friends have become our family!! Thank you for loving us well!! ‪#‎teamtruckerrocks‬ ‪#‎truckercan‬ ‪#‎feelingblessedandgrateful‬
The latest update is Truckers liver biopsy came back with inflammation but no scaring!! Thankfully!! And so we head back to NYC March 6th for two weeks of treatment to his cerebral spinal fluid!! And then we will meet the rest of the crew in California for our make a wish trip!! ‪#‎disneylandVIP‬ ‪#‎makeawishhawaii‬ This time at home has been the longest time we’ve been here since diagnosis nov 2013 and has been healing in sooooo many ways!!! From the bottom of our hearts thank you everyone who has gone out of their way to love on us and bless us and spend time with us!!! You truly will never know how much it means!!

Trucker #41AI’m going to miss this guy!!! New York feels so far away it’s like another planet! No more beach days, no more hammock swings, no more breakfast together, no more car rides to the store, no more fire station visits, no more snuggles, no more dancing and no more wrestling till him and mommy come back! Miss them so much already. #cancersucksbigtime #TeamTrucker #fatherandson #LoveBeatsCancer #LiveLikeItsYourLastDay

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