Baby Trucker #40- Trucker still on Maui, Liver trouble persists

Please pray for Trucker as his liver enzymes are still elevated and for the doctors to figure out what is wrong with his liver. Please also pray for Trucker to be healed from cancer and for his appetite to return. Pray for the family to be rejuvenated by their time together at home. Please pray for continued emotional, spiritual, and financial support as the family fights cancer.  (please click the photo if you wish to donate to their medical and travel expenses)

Trucker Update #40
Trucker Surfing

This guy though…He is finally coming around and feeling more like himself and wanting to play and go beach again!! It has been so wonderful being home with the fam that i am getting knots in my stomach just thinking about going back to nyc we were suppose to be back there next week but We are still dealing with elevated liver enzymes. Actually he is having a liver biopsy done today to hopefully have a more accurate picture of whats going on. So prayer warriors i thank you in advance for lifting up our ‪#‎littlelegend That we can figure out what’s up with his liver, that his taste buds come back and he eats more than sour cream and onion chips, and that we get to spend more and more time at home.  ‪#‎homeishealingforoursouls ‪#‎Godanswersprayers‪#‎kidsgetcancertoo ‪#‎cancersucks ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer

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