Baby Trucker #39- Trucker returned to Maui, Liver trouble

Please pray for Trucker as his liver enzymes are still elevated.  However, Trucker and Shauna returned to Maui Saturday, January 30th for a couple of weeks. Please for both to be refreshed by their return home to visit with Joshua and the older kids. Pray for Trucker’s liver enzymes to return to normal levels so he can begin the next steps in his treatment.  Also, if you can donate to help the Dukes with increasing medical costs and flights between Maui and NYC, please click the photo to give. (Please read Shauna’s update below)

So what started as a huge pain in butt(still is kinda) has turned out to be a blessing! Scans last week were stable as expected but our ‪#‎littlelegend‬ still has elevated liver enzymes so we couldn’t go forward with the next part of the treatment for his brain and spine. So the neuroblastoma team decided we should do another low dose round of chemo which finishes today to buy us some time to see a liver specialist and try and figure out whats going on! What does this mean? We get to go home tomorrow for a couple of weeks while we wait!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
We are surprising the big kids so if you see them on Maui please don’t say anything!!😎😎😎 thank you @robersonbrothers for this photo of my loves!!!
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