Baby Trucker #38- Chemo Complete, Scans are next

Please pray for Trucker and Shauna as Trucker has not been feeling very well because of his latest treatments. Please pray for Trucker’s recovery, and especially for the scans (next Tuesday, January 19th) to show no growth.  Pray for Trucker’s complete healing and restoration. Also, if you can donate to help the Dukes with increasing medical costs and flights between Maui and NYC, please click the photo to give. (Please read Shauna’s update below)


Trucker Update 38Our #littlelegend hasn’t been feeling so hot lately:( He has something called radiation somulation and 6-8 weeks after brain and spine radiation these kids get super tired. We have been doing a lot of snuggling cuz “mamma i no feel good”#truckerboysnugglefest
Whats next? Next tuesday is brain and spine MRI to make sure there is no new growth and then over the course of the following two weeks they will check his cerebral spinal flow and if liver functions look good they will administer the 8h9 drug which is attached to liquid radiation which binds to#neuroblastoma to his head port. This will make him radioactive so we will be able to have minimal physical contact for a week or so #cancersucks#thesekidsneedbetterlesstoxictreatments#imtiredofpoisoningmybaby As I watched him sleep this morning I noticed my tattoo and was once again reminded#onedayatatime Today is all we got so #LOVEwell and#alwayschooseLOVE cuz when we feel loved we love and #LOVEbeatscancer

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