Baby Trucker #36- Christmas and Chemo

Please pray for Trucker as he  has returned to NYC for more chemotherapy, but his liver numbers were too high for him to get started. Please continue to pray for Shauna, Joshua, Indiana, Jedi, and Mac as they deal with the difficulty of this fight.  Also, if you can donate to help the Dukes with increasing medical costs and flights between Maui and NYC, please click here to give.

Baby Trucker Update #36

So the latest is this.. We couldn’t start chemo yesterday because our #littlelegend has elevated liver enzymes which basically means his liver is inflamed and working really hard to remove toxins. I googled it last night (probably not the best thing for a cancer mom😁) and it could be nothing or could mean liver damage which wouldn’t surprise me after what he has been through. They are re checking today!! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!!#LOVEbeatscancer#cancersucks

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