Baby Trucker #32- Trucker is up and at ’em


We are so thankful for all that God has done in Trucker since last week! The family went from finding out Trucker had brain cancer, to brain surgery, to recover, and to now; Trucker is running around playing drums and silly games with his siblings. Please continue praying for Trucker’s recovery, for the family as they fight cancer, and for the love of God to fill them to overflowing. Also if you can, please consider giving to this family as the travel expenses and medical cost keep mounting up. (and read the update below Trucker’s dad)

Trucker #32

When someone in your family gets cancer, the whole family gets cancer. That being said, whenever you have a victory like being up and alert, walking around two days after brain surgery the whole family rejoices. Thank you for all the prayers and love. It’s working. Today we are back at the Ronald McDonald house. Trucker is walking around. His speech and understanding of speech is great. All of us are enjoying the time we are getting together, especially knowing we might soon be apart again. We are waiting for the Neuroblastoma team to determine the next step in treatment. Then we will continue putting one foot in front of the other together as a family, as a team.#TeamTrucker #LoveBeatsCancer#TheYoungAndTheBrave #GodIsGood


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