Baby Trucker #31- Surgery Success

Trucker’s recovery is going smoothly, and according to the update below they family will be moving out of the ICU soon. Thank you everyone for uniting in prayer for this sweet boy during his surgery and please continue to pray for his recovery. If you feel led to give, please click the photo below to go to the Give Forward campaign. (Please read the update below from Shauna).

Trucker #31

Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! #answeredprayers Our #littlelegend Trucker boy is recovering like a champ!! We will be moving out of the intensive care unit today onto the regular ward where they will monitor him and be giving him steroids the next couple of days to watch for brain swelling…The Dr. That operated told us that everything went really well and our biggest concern should be that someone might steal him cuz hes so darn cute!!😍 It was truly heart warming and moving to see everyone unite yesterday for our ohana!! Thank you all!!#LOVEbeatscancer #truckertough#punchcancerintheface #mybabyismyhero#onedayatatime #theyoungandbrave


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