Steven Miyake Update #10- Happy Birthday, Video & Health update

Please pray for Steven Miyake. He is in critical condition at the hospital on Oahu, and the mass discovered by the doctors is affecting his heart and lungs. At 4:00am(HST), Steven’s blood pressure dropped really low, but has since recovered.  Please keep praying for Steven’s recovery. Kris Miyake shared this update yesterday evening and also gave a word regarding the family’s faith and trust in God.  This word is very encouraging, and I hope you watch the video below to hear it.

Also, tonight there is another prayer meeting for Steven at 7:00pm if you would like to be praying with others for Steven at that same time. A friend shared the following words regarding Steven.

“I just seen the Lord’s hand, huge and magnified. In it, He has Steven laying there peacefully. The Lord put His face over Steven’s body and released His breath over Steven!!! He is LITERALLY breathing and releasing His breath into His body!!!

Yes Lord! Yes Lord!! Yes Lord!!! Praise you God! Praise you God!! Praise you God!!! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!! Hallelujah!!!” -Leiana (Family Friend)

Omg sooo crazy! i was JUST reading scripture about that and praying that the Lord will breath and birth new life into him!!!! Praise God!!! He is so amazing and his promises are true!!! Yes lord!
-Amanda (Family Friend)

“Amen! Tears are flowing! I prayed for that this morning- exactly like you described it! I prayed for God to lay on him and breathe into him!
Hey guys want to share this with y’all . Lastnight as soon as I closed my eyes, i had a dream and I saw a snake and it tried to strike at someone’s foot. But another foot quickly stopped it by stepping on its body and many people were aware and started stepping on its head.
At that moment I was reminded of acts 28 . Paul had picked up an arm full of sticks. As he laid it on the fire a snake was driven out by the heat. It had fastened itself to Paul’s arm. But Paul shook off into the fire . The people waited for him to suddenly swell up or drop dead. But after waiting a long time , they changed their minds and decided he was a god.
I believe this is exactly what’s going on. The very thing that has been showing itself right here that has been driven out by the heat of this fire thats going on here, it will be thrown right back in to that fire. And the awesome thing about it what follows is awe from the non believers and the healing of the all the sick on that island which by the way is named Malta or ‘honey.'” -Stacey (Steven’s Sister-in-Law)


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