Baby Trucker #30- Trucker’s in Surgery (Updated: Surgery is complete)

Update as of 6:26am (HST), from Shelly Dahlman, “Surgery is done.. They got it all!!”

Today, Trucker went into surgery this morning at approximately 7:30am(EST). Please be praying with Joshua, Shauna, and the rest of the family as they wait for Trucker’s surgery to be complete. We are believing for a miracle for Trucker to be 100% cancer free, for him to have a successful surgery today, and for Trucker to have a speedy recovery following the surgery. If you feel led to give, please click the photo below to go to the Give Forward campaign. (Please read the update below from Shauna)Trucker #30


How do you prepare your mamma heart to hand your baby over to strangers for brain surgery? How do you prepare your mamma heart for the new scars that will be left on his head? Im really not sure either..#sharedachinghearts My heart is sad and yet i have a strange peace.. I am grateful we caught it early and that he is being operated on by one of the best surgeons in the world. Our #littlelegend is in surgery now so please be praying for the Dr. that he gets it all with no complications.. Most of you know by now but in case you didnt we found a new neuroblastoma tumor on truckers brain last week with his MRI!!#cancersucks He is having it removed today and also another new port placed in his head that will stay there his whole life. After his little head heals in a week or two he will start a whole new protocol with more radiation, chemo, and antibodies straight to his head!! Trucker and i will be in NYC probably until Christmas and really is no end in sight as to how long we will have to keep coming to NY.. As long as it takes!! Thank you all for your prayers, your donations, and your love… It is felt!! We love you!! #teamtrucker#LOVEbeatscancer #onedayatatime #mybabyismyhero#truckertough #punchcancerintheface#alwayschooseLOVE

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