Baby Trucker #29- The toughest thing about cancer

Today, the Dukes found out that Baby Trucker’s cancer has spread to his brain, and he will have surgery to remove the tumor this Friday. This news was understandably hard for the family to receive, so please be praying for Joshua, Shauna, Trucker, and the rest of the family as they deal with this heart-breaking setback. We are believing for a miracle for Trucker to be 100% cancer free, for him to have a successful surgery on Friday, and for Trucker to have a speedy recovery following the surgery. If you feel lead to give, please click the photo below to go to the Give Forward campaign. (Please read the updates from Ua Dukes, and Holly Morrell (the Dukes family friend).

Trucker #29

Please pray for my little man! He looks good, but the monster is still inside him, trying to take him. Today we found out the cancer has spread to his brain. I really HATE cancer. Later this week Trucker will have brain surgery. I am devastated. I am grateful that we are still fighting, but this battle still kicks our butt. It’s hard when the wind is taken from your sails. It’s even harder when your 4000 miles away! ?#?F***YouCancer? Love ALWAYS Joshua AKA Ua Dukes.

This was a hard day. I don’t even want to say the words out loud. MRI results came back…Truckers cancer has spread to the brain. He has a brain tumor. We found out the news today. So much crying. Please be praying so much for trucker and his whole family. They are scheduling brain surgery as soon as they can. My heart is ripping in half. Hardest day ever withShauna Dukes.

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