Baby Trucker #28- Joshua and Trucker go to NYC

This past Thursday, Trucker and Joshua headed to NYC with Shauna coming this week to relieve Joshua, so he can return for work. They are still in a holding pattern regarding Trucker’s cancer, and they are concerned about a relapse. Please pray for the family to have peace and to be released free from fear and worry. Please continue to pray for the family bonds to remain strong between Shauna, Joshua, Trucker, and Trucker’s sister and brothers.  Also, please pray for and give toward (if you are able, click here to give) their expenses. (please read the update below from Shauna).

Baby Trucker Update #27

#noLOVElikeohanaLOVE Joshua and our little legend leave tonight for NYC and I will tag them out there next week so Joshua can return for work. No words can ever describe the sadness and heartache and frustration of this life. #cancersucks So tonight and as we try and talk Trucker into believing that owies in New York are actually good for him, and his siblings go to bed crying because we have to be separated again, and we get news of more little friends relapsing, and worry about Truckers cancer not going away and growing again.. I pray you are grateful for where your at and you would hug your little ones a little tighter tonight for us.. #onedayatatime and I #chooseLOVE I will choose in this season to be grateful that we still have a fight to fight and we still can #punchcancerintheface and i will be grateful for all the little moments we have all together on maui and all the little moments i get to witness between my kiddos and how much they love each other!! #blessedtobeawitness and i will continue to be #sograteful for all the love and generosity of you all!! Thank you a million times a million from this sad hearted grateful mamma!! Xoxo #teamtruckerrocks #theyoungandbrave #theresnoplacelikehome

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