Baby Trucker #27- Bone Marrow Clear

When you are in the fight against cancer, a bone marrow test can tell you a lot about the stage of cancer, the effectiveness of treatments received, etc. Just today, Shauna texted her mom that Trucker’s bone marrow is cancer free. This is great news, but the fight is not over. Trucker and Shauna will still need to travel back and forth to NYC, and the travel is exhausting and expensive. Please continue to pray for the family bonds to remain strong between Shauna, Joshua, Trucker, and Trucker’s sister and brothers.  Also, please pray for and give toward (if you are able, click here to give) their expenses. (please read the update below from Shauna’s mom).

Baby Trucker Update #27

So I have to share with you the text I just received from Shauna!!!!
Shauna-11:12 AM:Back home and just got a message our bone marrow is clear!!!! Wahooooooooo!!!!
Christine-11:27 AM:WOW So the cancer is going away?????
Shauna-12:00 PM:Still a lot of bony lesions but the marrow is clear so would say slowly but surely ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

The fight is NOT over – the trips back and forth are so costly THANK YOU for your continued support!!!!

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