Baby Trucker #25- Returning to NYC

Trucker and Shauna had been on Maui the past two weeks, and they returned to NYC yesterday for Trucker’s next round of treatment.  Please pray for the family as they go through the pain of separation.  Pray for Trucker as his treatments are really hard on his body. Also, please click on the photo below to donate to the Dukes family if you are able. Please read the update below from Trucker’s Mom, Shauna.

Baby Trucker #25

Double shakas for you maui!!! #theresnoplacelikehome#luckywelivemaui  Trucker boy and myself are headed back to NYC tonight with a day pit stop in seattle!! Being home is so life giving in so many ways and Trucker does so well here which is amazing but makes it so hard to leave everyone again, Especially knowing that the next couple of weeks of treatment are super rough on him:(:(:( #stupidcancer my new friend perfectly described it like this.. There is a monster in the closet who wants to kill Trucker. At times we are pushing against the door so hard with all our might and our friends and family and community are behind us pushing on the door too.. And then at other times the monster doesn’t want out but he’s still there just scratching on the door and you know he’s there and you can hear him. Hopefully when we go to NYC we can crack the door on the closet and #punchcancerintheface   #cancerisanuglymonster

Thank you sooooo much everyone for pushing on the door with us!! Upcoming scans will let us know if we have blasted any cancer with the current trial we are on!! Please pray what we are doing is doing something so we can continue to travel back and forth and see our family more and more!! And please remember my big kiddos in your prayers too.. #Godanswersprayers its really hard on them also when we leave but we are all making sacrifices for Trucker!!! #LOVEbeatscancer#theyoungandbrave #littlelegends #teamtrucker#loveisaverb #mauinokaoi #teamtruckerrocks

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