Baby Trucker #24- Tough Times, Treatment, and a Trip Home

Please pray for Baby Trucker and his mom Shauna as he undergoes two more therapy sessions.  According to the update below, Neuroblastoma has claimed some of the littles that the Dukes have come to know.  Please pray for those grieving families to be comforted, loved, and supported during the grieving process. Pray for the Dukes family as they deal with the emotions of fighting cancer.


Baby Trucker #24

Its been a rough week for this cancer fighting mamma!! Leaving my family again and coming back to NYC without my family was really hard on top of that its been a very rough Neuroblastoma week with two little friends passing, another one going to hospice, and a few more relapsing. We are fighting a monster that kills children and its heart shattering everytime:(:(:( trucker boy had his first h3f8 treatment on monday and this pic was taken yesterday a day later still feeling the effects. He was still puffy and super low energy but at least he was really snuggly. Going back for round 2 today and then one more on Friday!! The good news? Trucker and I are going home again next Friday for 2 more weeks!! Yay!! ‪#‎theresnoplacelikehome‬‪#‎mauinokaoi‬ ‪#‎luckywelivemaui‬
Thank you for loving us!!

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