Steven Miyake Update #1

This past Tuesday evening, our friend Steven Miyake went to the hospital, and the doctors found fluid on his lungs. After draining the fluid from his lungs, the staff decided to send Steven to see a specialist on Oahu for further testing. Steven will be undergoing more testing today as the doctors try to determine what exactly is happening.


Please pray for the Steven and his family as they await the results of the tests today. Pray for Steven to be healed from whatever may be sickness he may have. Pray for strength, love, and encouragement for his friends and church family as we walk alongside Steven and his family.

One thought on “Steven Miyake Update #1

  1. Lord Jesus, may you please hold Steven close to your heart and tightly in your hands. We trust in you Lord to heal him quickly. We have your love and faith only in you Lord. AMEN

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