Baby Trucker #20

Please read the updates from Shauna below. Please pray for Trucker as he is going through his immunotherapy this week and for him to be able to go home in couple weeks.

Baby Trucker #20

We escaped to our fav fire station and central park for a picnic after our super long hospital week!!! I’m soooo thankful to spend time with one of my fav people in the whole wide world.. Aunti mania as trucker calls her @mariadaughtry8 truckers counts are still good and we start our long week of immunotherapy on monday!! We wont know how well this NK protocol works untill next scans the beginning of august and also we just found out we might be able to bring Trucker home for the first time in 8 months for a week or two!!

Baby Trucker #19

Brudda Jedi is here!! Yay!! Its the sweetest thing in the whole wide world watching the bond that siblings have. My mamma heart is sooo happy to have half my flock, and although half my heart is still in hawaii, it is a little more full having my jedi boy and my mamma with us!! As for immunotherapy.. Well we are going to call it torture medicine. They are attaching a mouse antibody onto the cancer cells so my NK cells will attack but it also attaches to healthy nerve cells so although the infusion is only half an hour, it is very very painful and it takes them all day till the next morning to recover. It is a double edged sword and just like chemo and all the other treatments that are almost unbearable to watch your baby go through but you want them done so you keep showing up.

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