Baby Trucker #18

Shauna Dukes shared the update below. Please pray for Trucker and Shauna as they are in New York City separated from the rest of their family.  Pray for Trucker as he starts his new therapy this week.

Baby Trucker #18


Just another Trucker Dukes day for my!! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful day celebrating our freedom and blowing stuff up!!
Once again NYFD blew it out of the water.. Not only do these guys have the reputation of being some of the best Firefighters in the world, but they really are also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!!
We have been enjoying our time off from treatment this week and my mamma heart is trying to prepare for the next two weeks which will knock trucker down again:(:(:(:He has been soooo good lately that its easy to forget we are fighting for his life!!
Starting tomorrow he will get 3 days of high dose chemo, then Thursday and Friday we harvest my natural killer cells and transfuse them to him, and then all the following week he will get immunotherapy which is very painful for these guys!!! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that this one round would blast the rest of his cancer so we can move on in treatment and start traveling home in between rounds!! Also that the side effects would be minimal, and Trucks would recover quickly!! We miss our family so much it literally hurts!!:(:(:(:(
Thank you for loving us!! We LOVE u all!!

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