Baby Trucker #17- Stabilization

Below is a great update from Trucker’s mom that she shared after his PET scan.  Please pray for the Natural Killer Therapy, the port surgery, and the family’s love and strength to remain strong.

Baby Trucker #17

Double shakas!! Cuz fire trucks showing up for you are totally normal right?!?! #teamtruckerrocks words can not express the love i have for all the support from everyone!! New skateboards, trips to the ocean, fire trucks showing up, hotel stays, 100’s of people dancing for trucker, prayers, encouraging messages everyday and love #alwayschooseLOVE we LOVE you!! Truckers scans this week were stable as expected with minimal activity on his PET scan which is good cuz it means the cancer is not growing so we will start the Natural killer protocol on july 6 which is chemo, my natural killer cells and immunotherapy over the course of 2 weeks and then we will scan again.. Tomorrow morning is surgery for his new port finally.#LOVEbeatscancer #cancersucks #littlelegend#loveisaverb #teamtrucker #theyoungandbrave#truckersahambone

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