Baby Trucker #16- Loneliness and Simplicity

Please read the updates from Shauna below and pray for her as she and Trucker are separated from the rest of her family at Sloan-Kettering in NYC. Pray for their family bond to remain strong, for their hearts to be encouraged in the Lord’s plans for their lives, and for Trucker to be completely healed from cancer.

Trucker has scans this week and surgery for his new port (the previous port got infected). Then they will start the Natural Killer protocol where they will harvest Shauna’s natural killer cells from her immune system and transfuse them into Trucker. This also involves chemo and immunotherapy and then they will re-scan again in a month.

Trucker #16-1

This photo so captures the beauty of the time we get to spend together but also the desolation that we feel. Although we know we are not doing this alone there are many things that only him and i face!! I have so much emotion when i look at it!! My heart aches for my husband and the rest of our family and being apart is much harder than i thought it would be!! Thankfully they are coming again just not soon enough!! Thank you for continuing to love us through the hardest thing we’ve ever done!!

Trucker #16-2

I love love love the pure simplicity of children. This little girl was walking on the street in front of us on a date with her daddy in the east hamptons and kept looking at Trucker. Finally they turned around cuz she wanted to give Trucker her flowers. It was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time. She also gave him kisses and wanted a picture. This little beauty has no idea how much she blessed my mamma heart!! ‪#‎adultsmakethingsawkward ‪#‎kidsrule ‪#‎teamtrucker ‪#‎littlelegends ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer ‪#‎loveisaverb‪#‎alwayschooseLOVE

2 thoughts on “Baby Trucker #16- Loneliness and Simplicity

  1. If there is any thing we can do? Can we be tested to see if we are a match to donate our cells, and give Shauna a slifpght break?

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