Baby Trucker #14-A New Treatment Plan and a Prayer Request

After getting the news that the Trucker was not found NED (no evidence of disease), Shauna shared update below with this photo of her with Tucker at his first “prom.” The second update shares the next step for Trucker’s treatment which is his eighth round of chemo (starting yesterday). Please be praying for the effective of this round of chemo, for Trucker’s health and energy after the treatment, and for the family as they continue to be apart from each other.

Baby Trucker #14-2

Sloan Kettering Prom was so much fun!! It’s such an amazing event for all these‪#‎littlelegends‬ fighting cancer!! Its a huge event that takes weeks to prepare. Its all about these kids feeling special and having a blast. We were honored to be a part of it this year!! Please be in prayer for our family and the Dr.’s at Sloan as we make upcoming decisions in how to move forward with treatment for our Trucker boy. We still have options and I am so grateful for that, but none of them seem great!! Its liquid radiation injected into his body, or more chemo(he’s already had 7 rounds) alongside my natural killer cells, with a slight chance of moving onto immunotherapy without these added toxins but a lot will depend on his PET test tomorrow that will show us how active his residual cancer is. These decisions are hard to make, not guaranteed to work, and will affect his life!! Thank you for loving us!!!‪#‎teamtruckerrocks‬ ‪#‎cancersucks‬ ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer‬ ‪#‎alwayschooseLOVE‬‪#‎cutestpromdateever‬

Baby Trucker #14-1

We face time everyday but nothing beats the real thing#noLOVElikesiblingLOVE
We have a temporary plan. Round 8 chemo starts today and we pray hard it cleans up the rest of the boney lesions so we can move on to immunotherapy. If not it will most likely be the NK protocol which is more chemo and my natural killer cells which would ad months on to our time in NYC. We will re-scan again in a couple of weeks!! Not my favorite but better than nothing!! Thank you for remembering our ohana and your love!! #teamtruckerrocks #theyoungandbrave#chooseLOVE #cancersucks #alwayschooseLOVE#truckertough

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