Baby Trucker Update #13- A Date and a Diagnosis

Shauna Dukes shared this adorable picture and update yesterday asking for prayer for Trucker to be found NED (no evidence of disease). Earlier today, Joshua shared the second update below. Please be praying for this family to feel the Father’s love, for their faith in Him to increase, and for Trucker to be completely healed.

Baby Trucker #13-3

Yup, Trucker boy my #littlelegend had his first date to to Sloan Kettering’s spring prom!! My heart literally hurt from the cuteness!! This little nugget Isla on facebook Isla the fierce has the exact same diagnosis as Trucker boy and is just ahead of him in treatment!!! Another amazing family fighting this beast!! I am so grateful for moments like this!!❤❤❤ please be praying for scans tommorow that we are NED cuz I terribly miss my family and if we are not it will add months on to our time apart!! Team trucker you are amazing!! We love you all!!!😘😘😘#littlelegends#LOVEbeatscancer #kidsgetcancertoo #truckertough#Islathefierce #chooseLOVE #theyoungandbrave#cutestpromdatesever

Baby Trucker #13-2

Today we got the preliminary news back from Truckers scans. He has a lot of cancer sticking around that is chemotherapy resistant. I wish I was there to hug him. I wish I was there to hug Shauna. This cancer is a beast I want to see die. I feel like it keeps knocking us down, but I refuse to give up. I won’t stop fighting till it’s dead and gone even if we are bloody, beat down and exhausted. Please continue to pray to God for my son. God is the only one who can make this go away and bring us together as a family.

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