Baby Trucker Update #10

Please read these two updates from Trucker’s mom, Shauna. Please pray that Baby Trucker will continue to recover from his last round of chemo and that his appetite will increase.

Baby Trucker #10-1

Yesterday’s Update
When it rains… You know how it goes.. A tearful good-bye to my big boys and off to the hospital for a fever. He is nutrapenic right now from last round of chemo which means he has zero immune system and lands us a 3-5 day hospital stay for antibiotics and observation:( its so hard seeing him so sick..

Baby Trucker #10

Today’s Update
I have more than a thousand reasons to smile!! :):):):) In the middle of this cancer sucking storm I am grateful to say that I can’t even count all the blessings in my life!! Every time one of you takes the time to send encouragement, write a note, say a prayer, send packages, drop off meals, donate money, give of your time to spend with me and my lil ones it blesses me!! More than you will ever know!! Thank you!! Trucker is doing a little better today.. Amazing what a blood transfusion and some antibiotics can do!! Please continue to pray he would start eating more!! With much love!!

One thought on “Baby Trucker Update #10

  1. Will continue to pray for you and your family.

    God is the
    God of miracles and he is working miracles in your sweet family. Jennifer’s grand mom.

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