Baby Trucker Update #9- Recovery is progressing slowly

Thank you all for your prayers for baby Trucker as he recovers from surgery.  Please read below for the updates from Trucker’s mom, Shauna.

Baby Trucker update #9

He can walk a little but doesn’t really want to. Still has massive diarrhea and a huge diaper rash poor little guy.. He’s still getting chemo until tomorrow.. There is talk of us being able to leave after that if hes doing well but he hasn’t really been eating and he also might have a hernia poor little guy…

Shauna shared this cute video today of Trucker and his Dad in Central Park with the 060update below.  Central park goodness!!! We finally busted Trucker out of the hospital and are so enjoying our time all together and loving all the entertainment NYC has to offer!! Joshua and the big kiddos leave back for Maui in 5 days and my mamma heart is soooo soaking up every minute we have together!!! Trucker is doing pretty good!! He’s still sore and not quite himself yet but he is well on his way to bouncing back!! Thank you for loving us!! Thank you for following us and praying for us!! We u all!! 

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