Baby Trucker Update #8- Surgery Complete

Please read the updates regarding Baby Trucker’s surgery and post-op recovery.

Trucker Update #8-1

After almost 10 hours of surgery this little warrior has some big new battle wounds but we blasted some cancer good!! Our amazing surgeon got all of the main tumor which took some time cuz it was stuck to a lot of vital organs. He removed several lymph nodes, he wasn’t even sure how many and his adrenal gland, And whatever else he saw!! Thank God!! We will still do a clean up round of chemo probably soon and pray he is NED(no evidence of disease) so we can start immunotherapy and radiation!! We have a long road of recovery ahead so please keep praying!! He will be on a breathing machine for 24-48 hours and in ICU being continually monitored!! He had a lot of stuff moved around in his belly today poor little guy and his battle wound goes all the way around his back!! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today, sent well wishes, spent time with us and our kiddos, and sat on the edge of their seats holding their breaths with us today!! You will never know how much that means to us!! Im sorry if this is hard to see but this is what pediatric cancer looks like #weneedacure #littlelegend #LOVEbeatscancer @theyoungandbrave #teamtrucker #keepontruckontruckerboy #sharedachinghearts

Trucker Update #8-2

Good news everyone. I have been extubated and am breathing on my own! I was signing “all done” #TruckerTough #LittleWarrior #EndChildhoodCancer #TeamTrucker #PunchCancerInTheFace

One thought on “Baby Trucker Update #8- Surgery Complete

  1. Checking for updates and praying several times a day here in Georgia! Cousin of “Johnny” , Donna and Ewell Pritchett.

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