Frank Rice Update #4

Earlier this evening, I got to speak with Frank’s wife, Marlene, about Frank’s condition and how we can pray for the family. Marlene first shared a praise regarding how God worked in the background to allow the family to stay at the hospital during Frank’s radiation treatments (this is not the normal process).  The main prayer request remains for Frank to be 100% cancer free.

Frank Rice Update CB

She then shared three other specific prayer requests. Today marked Frank’s tenth and final radiation treatment, and he has regained some mobility and use on the left side of his body.  The first prayer request is that all the tumors in his brain would be completely dissipated, and second, that Frank would regain complete mobility on the left side of his body, and third, that Frank would be able to start rehab in an intensive program on Oahu.  Frank may not qualify for this rehab program, but it is the one the family wants for him.

I also read this update from Frank’s daughter on the Caring Bridge journal.

“As I sit here next to my dad holding his hand, I am struck by what an unusual gift the past 16 days have been for me. So many wonderful moments together as a family and one on one. The gift of time to talk and share our feelings. The ability to express every emotion. The time has come for me to head home tonight. The thought of leaving is excruciating yet I know it is time for me to go back to my husband and son and home…I am leaving knowing in my heart that my dad and I truly have no unfinished business. Our relationship has always been such a special close one. We have both cherished our bond and know how lucky we are. I choose to believe only the best will happen and will put my energy into what IS possible…

I love you always and forever dad – Seeker”

Please join us in praying for Frank’s complete recovery.  Please pray for the family to find comfort in the Lord, in each other, and from their friends during this difficult time.  If you feel lead to give, please go to Frank’s gofundme website by clicking here.

And join us in declaring “TOO BIG TO MISS – 1 Samuel 17 – David Slays Goliath”


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