Frank Rice Update #3

Please read below for an two updates from Caring Bridge: one on Frank’s BRAF numbers and, and the second, a sweet post from his wife Marlene. If you feel like giving financial support to this family, please follow this link to their gofundme account.

Update #1 from Jessica (Frank’s Daughter)

Today we learned Dad is not BRAF positive. They have stopped the current chemo therapy. The path will now be more linear. We will complete radiation on Tuesday – three more sessions. The goal is to get him back to Maui where he can begin a new treatment regimen. We will be exploring all options and seeking additional expertise from melanoma specialists across the country to ensure we get him the best therapy. Please keep our family in your prayers-the shock and stress of everything that has happened in the past 12 days is significant and painful. We refuse to see this as a setback but merely as a different path forward. Attached is a picture of my dad’s happy place. Carefree on the water..

Frank Rice Update #3


Update #2 from Marlene (Frank’s Wife)

It is 5:30am on Oahu. Yesterday was a tough day for us all. Never for one moment did I think that Frank and I would ever be engaged in fighting this kind of battle. This is not something that happens to people I know and love. But here we are standing together helping Frank fight for his life. The love and support from all of you is what is getting us through. We are so grateful to family and friends who continue to send thoughts and prayers our way. The good news is, our faith is strong and we continue to see God moving in the midst of a challenging situation. Doubt is not part of our vocabulary. God is on the throne, He is in control of not only our lives but your life too. No matter what yesterday brought your way, please know for sure that today is a new day and Joy will come to you “this morning.” BLESSINGS -Marlene

Please continue praying and believing for a miracle for Frank.  As Marlene said, “God is on the throne…” Praise God for His goodness and His new mercies every morning.  Pray for the family to seek God and find comfort in Him during this difficult time.  Pray for the doctors to have wisdom in seeking the right course of action.

Thanking God for you all! Sincerely, Greg Poppy


One thought on “Frank Rice Update #3

  1. Will continue to pray that the doctors will find something that works and soon.Also praying for Frank’s family. GM

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