Frank Rice Update #2 (Request for Financial Support)

For those of you who read about Frank Rice for our earlier post, I wanted to share the link to the website where you can make a donation to his cancer fund if you feel led to give.  (Also, please read below for an update from Caring Bridge.)

Frank Rice Update CB

This is the update from Frank’s Children posted at the gofundme page

Our Dad is truly the greatest man we have ever known. If you have the pleasure of knowing him, you know exactly what we mean. Within one week he has gone from healthy to seriously ill. Diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma, we are starting this campaign to support Frank & Marlene along this journey with medical and other expenses. Our deep desire is that given everything they need to focus on, financial burdens will not be one of them.

Thank you – Kamie Lynch, Jeremy Rice, Daniel Rice & Jessica Boden

We shout to the Lord – TOO BIG TO MISS – 1 Samuel 17 – David Slays Goliath

On the Frank’s Caring Bridge page, this update was posted yesterday.

Frank Rice Update #2

Today dad got a special visit from two good friends from Maui; Erik and Moana. They are both wonderful musicians and very talented. During the songs dad was moving his left foot and left hand. Many thanks to them for taking the time to come and sing for him.

Please continue to pray for for Frank’s healing and for people to give financial, emotional, and physical support to the Rices during this time.

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