Baby Trucker Update #6

Please Read this March 5th update from Trucker’s parents.

Put on your boxing gloves round #5 starting today! I have had a lot of people asking how trucker is doing so going to give you a little update. So far we have killed cancer which is amazing! No more cancer in the bone marrow, some of the soft tissue in the bones is gone and the initial tumor is shrunk by half. We are so very grateful for this answer to many many prayers. The first day of chemo is always a little emotional for me and every time I get a little madder that the best option we have is blasting him full of poison which also kills good cells and makes him feel like ass for weeks and yet so far we have had great results. So next after this week and the completion of round 5 they will repeat scans again and surgery is scheduled to remove main tumor at the end of the month. Then he still has his stem cell transplant, more chemo and radiation. All of these are hard on him us! At the end of all of this unfortunately with his cancer more times than not (70% actually) this cancer comes back more aggressively, chemo resistant and takes their lives! So everyday we put our trust in God and that He has a plan for trucker and reel it back in to today where we are, where he is doing good, where we are blasting cancer and where he is a rockstar! Thank you so so so much for all of you following us and blessing us and loving on us during this crazy emotional cancer sucking roller coaster we are on!

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