Baby Trucker Update #5

Last week we shared a prayer request from the Dukes ‘Ohana regarding Baby Trucker, a fever and his low immunity due to the chemo. Please read below for two praises regarding his health.

Photo Credit: @mauimammadukes Instagram



Please read this praise from Shuana Dukes about Trucker Boy.

“Look who’s home early? #prayerworks this is one happy mamma!!! Thank you a times a million for your love and prayers!! Also I think  everyone who wanted to give us airmiles but [couldn’t,] we can accept again if anyone has extra..with much gratitude and love, mamma dukes.”

Below is an update from the Facebook page set up Team Trucker.

Trucker Update 5


“Trucker Dukes needs to find a modeling agent! But seriously, we are so happy to hear that he is out of the hospital after a blood transfusion. He is such a fighter. Thank you all for sharing his story and for praying for him.”

Please continue to pray for this sweet family and their Baby Trucker to recover completely from cancer.

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