Baby Trucker Update #3- Trucks for Trucker

Please keep praying for the Dukes ‘Ohana and Baby Trucker’s recovery from cancer. Please read about a special event here on Maui tomorrow below the update from Trucker’s Dad.  Please click the photo go to the give forward campaign for Baby Trucker.

Trucker Dukes Update #3


#chemosucks what do you give your baby when he can’t keep anything down? Whatever he wants!#popciclesforbreakfast #cancersucks#LoveBeatsCancer #TeamTrucker

Trucks for Trucker happening tomorrow! January 24, 10am-2pm, 635 Hina Avenue, Kahului, HI 96732.  Please come help the Dukes ‘Ohana and Baby Trucker fight cancer at  this fundraiser tomorrow. Click the photo for more details.

Trucks for Trucker


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