Texans Serving Maui!

“However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).


 Do you see these beautiful people? We love them! Do you know why? Is it because they are from the country of Texas? Is it because they love pineapples? No, well, maybe, but really it’s because they came to Maui this past summer not to sit in a resort and drink mai tais, but rather, they came to SERVE.

Do you know how rare it is to find a group of people willing to spend their own pretty penny, fly to Hawaii, then serve the people? Wow! We are grateful for our friends Retha, her two sons Barrett and Brent, as well as fellow teammates Vickie and their long-time Sunday School teacher, Keith. They worked hard during the week on Maui, and I wanted to share a glimpse into what they did here.

But before I share, I want you to know that the Lord truly had this ministry trip planned long ago…It was planted as a seed in Retha’s heart many years ago, and it was through our friendship that it came to pass. Glory be to God for using His children, placing calls on our lives and asking us to take steps of faith. He is worthy!


The team wasted no time: right after leaving the airport we headed to the newly opened Malama Pregnancy Center. They brought with them tons of handmade shopping bags to be given as gifts to the expecting mamas at the center. (They also shared their bounty of beautiful bags with other local churches. There’s a ban on Maui against using plastic shopping bags, so these gifts were not only beautiful, but practical as well!) They helped fill ‘s “Zeyah’s Closet” and also shared handmade crosses. My boys even got some to share with friends! What a blessing for all!


Over the week the team worked closely with Feed My Sheep Maui, picking pineapples in the field in the hot, hot sun, serving the homeless and helping in any way possible. The Director of Feed My Sheep, Joyce, said this regarding the team’s help, “We really enjoyed meeting this great team of servant leaders.  Thank you for referring them to us.” I know that the hard work and ministry time will be treasured in the team’s heart for years to come.


Living Way Maui and God’s House, both local churches, were also blessed by the team with their prayers, presence, and gift offerings.



Finally, after a week of serving, our family was able to take them on the infamous “Road to Hana,” to stay with more brothers and sisters in Christ at a lovely home, dedicated to allowing people space to rest and rejuvenate.


Ben and Jenny are the gracious hosts to this amazing Hana hale, and we were humbled by their generosity and aloha spirit. If you live on Maui, you probably know Ben and Jenny, and you may have even stayed in their home as well. :)



A special thanks to Lakeview Baptist Church in Belton, Texas, for sharing your sweet folks with us this past summer. We were blessed by their presence here, and I know that many others were as well.

With mucho aloha,

One thought on “Texans Serving Maui!

  1. What blessing they were to so many. And, I know you were a blessing to them. Love and counting the days. GM

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