So, why “Pray Hawaii”?

Pray Hawaii exists to connect you with the physical and spiritual needs of the Hawaiian islands. Often times Hawaii is thought of as simply a “destination place.” However, the sun still goes down in paradise and our desire is to come alongside existing ministries and community organizations on the islands to offer help where needed. We have three ways you can be part of the answer to the needs found in Hawaii:


1) Pray.
The 30-Day Pray Hawaii Guide includes a daily prayer focus for Hawaii. Download your own copy here. Share it with your friends, your small group or church and commit to praying for Hawaii for 30 days. Also stay connected via the blog Facebook and Twitter.

2) Hawaii Needs.
Pray Hawaii is connected with the local community and various ministries in Maui, Hawaii. We share about the needs of these organizations, whether it’s supplies for a local school, clothing for the homeless or food for a youth event. You can help meet these needs by staying connected with Pray Hawaii and sending the needed supplies for the community. We also share about upcoming island events and opportunities to volunteer within ministries and community organizations.

3) Serve.
There are two ways you can serve through Pray Hawaii:

  • Volunteer on Vacation – If you plan on taking a vacation to Maui and would like to spend a portion of your time serving the local community, whether it be for two hours, an afternoon or an entire day, we can connect you with a place to serve.
  • Serve locally. If you live on Maui, contact us to connect with a local non-profit ministry or community group. Let’s serve one another.

Check out the “Hawaii Needs” pages for a glimpse at some of the work you can help with here on the Hawaiian islands. Contact Greg and Jennifer Poppy for more information (see below):


Jennifer & Greg Poppy

Pray Hawaii was birthed after spending a lifetime praying for the islands and a year living on the islands. In September 2011 my husband and I threw caution to the wind and did the unthinkable — he resigned his full-time job, our only source of income, so that we could be freed up to answer the call of God to “go.” We didn’t know it at the time, but with that call and within six months time we would end up on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii.

While living on the island, not as tourists but amongst the people, we fell in love with the simplicity of life and also discovered the struggles of life that go unnoticed by the rest of the world. The people work hard, often having 2-3 jobs, just to make ends meet. Housing is limited and expensive. Schools often go without enough funding to cover basic costs, like for furniture, new books, spare clothing for the nurse’s office, school supplies, etc. The homeless travel from place to place, needing food and hygienic supplies. The youth need encouragement for hope, for opportunity and for mentoring relationships. Churches often lack the funds to pay their pastoral staff or care for the upkeep of their buildings. And the list goes on.

Gabriel & Bryan Poppy
Gabriel & Bryan Poppy

Our desire is to be a voice for the people of the island, connecting you with the Hawaiian islands, letting you see the other side of living island life, while also helping to meet the needs here. Our story is only beginning and we look forward to seeing how one small act of kindness can lead to a life transformed, a community uplifted and the islands set ablaze for the glory of the Lord!

Stay connected with us via Facebook and Twitter for the daily prayer requests and latest events, volunteer opportunities and needs for the Hawaiian islands!

With mucho aloha,
Greg and Jennifer Poppy


If you would like to make tax-deductible donations to support the work of the Poppys with Pray Hawaii: Please make checks payable to Acts Church, memo “Greg & Jennifer Poppy.”
Mail to Acts Church, 300 S. 13th Street, Waco, Texas, 76701. *If you’d kindly let us know of your support so we can be aware of it & be sure to send our “mahalos” that would be wonderful*

Another way to support our work here in the islands is through our “tent-making” businesses:

Greg Poppy is developing his real estate business, as a means to help us serve God and the people of the Hawaiian islands. Greg Poppy Real Estate

Jennifer Poppy does freelance writing, as well as furniture refinishing, photography and art through her business Island Gypsy Hawaii.

The Poppy Family Maui, Hawaii

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