Volunteer on Maui: Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival

Pray Hawaii, Aloha, Jennifer Poppy

Aloha! There are lots of exciting activities in the works for the island of Maui. And guess what? You are needed to help make some of them happen. If you live in Maui or plan on visiting in the next few months stay tuned for some great volunteer opportunities (or just come enjoy them).

This coming week there will be a Volunteer Orientation & Dinner for the Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival. You can RSVP on their Facebook page here.  If you recall from Greg’s post a couple of weeks ago, this annual Flower Festival pays for many programs at Haiku School and Haiku Boys & Girls Club. So if you can’t volunteer this year, please be sure to attend the festival.

Event: Haiku Ho’olaule’a & Flower Festival
Date: Saturday, April 12, 2014
Location: Haiku Community Center and Haiku Elementary School grounds in Haiku, Maui.
The event is FREE.

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