Living Way Maui- “We’re All In”

A short while ago, we shared about Pastor Greg DelaCruz and his church Living Way Maui. Recently, Pastor Greg and one member of the church shared the capital campaign for their church building with us. We are happy to share the “We’re All In” capital campaign with you.

Living Way Maui

Some background on the building. The owner’s of the church’s building have allowed the property to go into foreclosure, so the church leadership came up with three reasons to purchase the building. They believe purchasing the building is a wise investment for the present as they would pay basically the same amount each  month to own as it is to rent the building.  Also, ownership will give them stability as “permanent” presence in their community. Lastly, owning the building will provide for future generations of the church.

How can you help? One way to help is to pray over the next two months that church will reach their goal of $50,000 dollars for the down payment.  The second is to give to their campaign.  If you feel lead to give (any amount would be appreciated), you can contact the church at with the details of your donation.  Lastly, you can share the campaign flyers Included below with your sphere of influence.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Living Way Capital Campaign Front Flyer
Living Way Capital Campaign Back


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