Living Way Maui

We recently met with Pastor Greg, the lead pastor at Living Way Maui. Located in Wailuku, Maui, Living Way serves the community known as “Happy Valley” one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the island.  We had the privilege of visiting Pastor Greg’s church and were blessed by joyful worship and solid preaching grounded in the Word of God.

Living Way Maui

There are many prayer needs for this church. People have lost family members to murder, there’s much abuse, neglect, hopelessness, etc. Pastor Greg said that about 80% of the people in that area have been affected by rape and abuse, so a lot of inner-healing is needed. Drugs run rampant in this area and when people begin following the Lord, they need a safe place to get away from that lifestyle. Pastor Greg and his family are one safe house for the neighborhood and hope to serve as a model for others there. They are hoping to purchase their building soon and need funding to do so.

The church has also done an annual missions trips to San Diego for the past twelve years. During the trip, they are part of a missions conference, connect through culture by sharing the hula, and serving in other capacities as opportunity arises. Pastor Greg and his team on their most recent trip ministered at a high school after sharing the Hawaiian culture for a school assembly.  Over half of the students remained for a ministry time, and many of them came forward during the invitation.

Please pray for Pastor Greg and his church members as they minister in this difficult area.  Also, please pray for the church to raise the funds for their building which would also include the home where Pastor Greg and his “family” lives.  Pray for those who have gotten free from drugs to continue walk-out their freedom in Christ as they daily face the temptations of their former lifestyle. Pray for helpers to come alongside Pastor Greg and other members of his staff to bring the light and love of Christ to this dark corner of paradise.

Please watch this short video describing the vision of Living Way Maui.

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  1. Hello from sweden that the morning with new joy in to touch us around the world and and upbuild the kingdom of God in our dutys and sowing our seed in Christ and be blessing in our towns salvation. Let us celebrate today for our Jesus is coming thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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