Urgent Prayer Request: Mother of Six in a Coma

Pastor Greg De La Cruz from Living Way Church Maui asked us to share a prayer request for Natasha Kaui Chun, a mother of six, who had a massive-stroke and heart attack.  She is currently in a coma in ICU, and right now, the outlook is not promising.  She has two blood-clots in her brain, and she has been non-responsive for a couple of days now.

Please pray for her complete recovery! God is in the business of doing the miraculous, so we ask you to join us in prayer for Natasha.  Please pray for her family, her children, and all she knows to be receive your comfort.

Father God,
Thank You for your kindness, love and mercy.  Jesus, we ask You to bring healing to Natasha.  Please wake her from this coma, and restore all function to hear body, mind, and spirit.  For her family, we ask to provide comforters for them during this difficult time.  For people to bring meals.  We thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers!
In Jesus Name, Amen!

2 thoughts on “Urgent Prayer Request: Mother of Six in a Coma

  1. I was wondering if you could give an update on Natasha Kau’i Chun’s condition. It is my understanding that she has passed away. If this is correct could you give us an address in which we may send flowers, cards, etc?


    • Yes, Melanie, sadly, she did go on to be with the Lord. She went to church at Living Way Maui. You could mail a card c/o Living Way Church Maui
      399 N Market St Wailuku, HI 96793

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